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13 December 2022

Alberto Bettoli, Tomas Nauclér, Tomas Nyheim, Andreas Schlosser, Christian Staudt - McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company's "Building a competitive solar-PV supply chain in Europe" report:

A pathway for Europe to achieve its climate ambitions and a competitive position in the global solar-PV supply chain does exist. The EU solar energy strategy aims to strengthen the region’s energy transition and its supply chain resilience by leveraging both existing and new solar technologies and innovations to re-establish viable PV manufacturing.

Exhibit Three in the report indicates that European companies have announced expansion plans of around 20 GW, but with uncertainty and modest scale. In the ingot and wafer category, it shows NexWafe - with its wafers - contributing 3 GW to scale-up expansion projects through 2025.

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