Join us on the journey towards revolutionary new wafer materials.

The EpiNex™ n-Type Wafer

  • Highly efficient, epitaxially-grown n-type silicon wafers
  • 120-140 μm drop-in replacement
  • Offering superior wafer quality at highly competitive prices

Achieving 23% - 24% cell efficiency


The EpiNex Thin-Wafer

  • Compatible with heterojunction, TopCON and IBC Cell lines
  • Rapid technology diffusion enabled through strategic partnerships
  • Preparing high-volume production at gigawatt scale
  • Gradient-doped advanced material supply

Up to 26% cell / 24.5% module efficiency


EpiNex Advanced Material

  • Thickness lowered to below 100 μm
  • Continuous composition material variation, including SiGe layers / substrates

Achieving 30% cell efficiency


EpiNex Tandem

  • SiGe and III/V Tandem solar cells
  • Unlocking the availability of ultra-high efficiency cells to mass markets

Achieving 35%+ efficiency


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