Rising demand. Superior supply.

Photovoltaics have matured with demand. Today, the industry expects more than scale – it seeks scale alongside the standards of highest efficiency. NexWafe's unique process enables both demands to be met with ease.

Solar represents one of the most significant fields in renewables today -- by 2050, 25% of the world's energy will be solar-generated.

Our Investors & Partners

Reliance Industries Limited is a Fortune 500 company and the largest private sector corporation in India. Its motto “Growth is Life” aptly captures the ever-evolving spirit of Reliance. The company has evolved from being a textiles and polyester company to an integrated player across energy, materials, retail, entertainment and digital services. In each of these areas, Reliance is committed to innovation-led, exponential growth and its vision has pushed the company to achieve global leadership in many of its businesses.

With a mission "to invest globally into start-up and high-growth companies with technologies of strategic importance" and a strong focus on sustainability technologies we are delighted to be working with the support of Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV) – the strategic technology venturing program of Saudi Aramco.

ATHOS is a Munich-based single family office investing primarily in Life Science and disruptive technologies.

Closely aligned with the green industrial revolution and the disruptive technologies that promise to deliver it, WAM is known for its choice of partners who can deliver on both financial returns and an improved environment.

NexWafe retains strong ties to Fraunhofer, the birthplace of our business. NexWafe spun out from the famed research insitute to begin commercializing the product in the private sector, and continues to benefit from its support.

Covering 1,200 hectares, the Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical Park is one of the largest areas for chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the Central German Chemical Triangle. By its extensive infrastructure, developed industrial estates and comprehensive service providers, the location offers optimal conditions for successful growth and the minimization of cost.

EIT InnoEnergy operates at the center of the energy transition and is the leading innovation engine in sustainable energy, bringing the technology and skills required to accelerate the green deal and Europe’s decarbonization goals. Recognized globally as the most active sustainable energy investor and one of the largest climate tech and renewable energy tech investors in 2020, EIT InnoEnergy backs innovations across a range of areas, including energy storage, transport and mobility, renewables and sustainable buildings.

HEMMA GROUP is a Swiss-based family office investing in environmentally friendly, innovative and socially impactful businesses. The group participates in projects at all investment stages and supports their growth over investment rounds. Before taking an investment decision, Hemma Group considers ESG factors alongside with fundamental business indicators aiming to promote sustainable innovations, modern technologies as well as cultural, human and intellectual values. The current portfolio consists of PE/VC type investments in several European countries, as well as US and Latin America.

The NexWafe Way

Our direct gas-to-wafer process bypasses 6 capex-intensive intermediate steps

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